Builder Pack - Wired

Builder Pack - Wired

Share the benefits of AO Scan Technology with some of the most essential tools to build your business!

Whether you want to share this technology with your family, friends, or clients, this bundle is for you! Every product included in this pack will help you share with others the opportunity to learn more about their body and how it is performing.

Sharing your business with products that facilitate your growth will allow you to have a solid business foundation and tremendous success!

The best thing about this bundle is that all the products can be used with the AO Scan Technology on your own device! (Suggested specs when using your own device and Wi-Fi: 64GB 4GB RAM, 40 Mbps internet speed, and 2 GB free space recommended)

Device and AO Scan Subscription are not included. The AO Scan Subscription must be added to your order in addition to this bundle.
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Products Included:  

AO Scan Transducer Wired Headset 

Lightwave Glasses 

660 Band 


SEFIdot Sharing kit 

Alpha3 Passes (6 packs) 


AO Scan Wired Transducer Headset 

The AO Bone Conducting Transducer Wired Headset has been specifically designed to be compatible and optimized for our AO Scan™ Technology to transmit frequencies. This is a wired headset that is lightweight and made from a flexible material.   

  • Ergonomic over-the-ear design 
  • One size fits most 4.5” width x 6” length) 
  • Tri-band male auxiliary jack  
  • In-line lapel clip 
  • In-line microphone with mute button 
  • 50” cord 



Lightwave Glasses 

LightWave Glasses are specifically designed to be used with some of the programs in the scan that deal with emotions, such as Inner Voice and EZ Scan.  

For example, when you perform an Inner Voice, you will be given a list of top frequencies, supportive frequencies, and lowest frequencies based on your voice. Your Inner Voice report will tell you which colored lenses to use. Each color has different benefits. 

LightWave Glasses are made for both indoor and outdoor wear.  


660 Band 


Proper blood circulation is essential for every function your body performs. It supplies every organ with oxygen and the nutrients needed to maintain optimal health. The 660 Band is designed to primarily impact the bloodstream using 660 nm and 605 nm red lights.  


With the help of the AO Scan, you can pinpoint areas in your body that can benefit from the additional support found in redlight therapy. 



The new and improved way of imprinting is here!  

SEFIdots are not your regular pre-programmed patches. These discs give you full control! They can be programmed with the specific energy frequencies you need that can enhance your body’s own energy field. With SEFIdots, it really is all about effective programming for your specific needs. Now you and your clients can take your optimization with you all day, everywhere! 

This product works with the SEFI feature in AO Scan.  

Material: The SEFIdot discs are printed on a foil back and encased in a silicone bubble. The patches are made of medical-grade adhesive.  

Quantity:  60 dots (to hold the frequency) and 60 patches (to secure the dot)  


SEFIdot Kit  

Sharing the benefits of SEFIdots just got easier! The SEFIdot Sharing Kit provides a simplified way to imprint, send, and share SEFIdots with everyone no matter where they are. An incredible tool to grow your business! 
What's included: 

  • 30 Sharing Kits 
  • 30 foil bags to hold custom Imprinted SEFIdots and patches 
  • 30 'Imprinted for You' cards 
  • 1 Quick Start Guide 


  • In a regular SEFIdot Kit, SEFIdots and patches are NOT included and must be purchased separately. However, this Builder Bundle includes SEFIdots and patches for you to pair with your kit so that you can start sharing them as soon as you receive them.  



Alpha3 Pack (6 passes) 

Give the experience of a new beginning! With the Alpha3 Pass, you can now share the AO Scan Technology program with anyone you want, wherever they are, from their own device.  

This Alpha3 Pack includes 6 passes that you can share with 6 different recipients. Each pass will grant users access to ALL the features offered in the AO Scan Technology program for 3 full days.   

Another essential tool to build your business!